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Neil Davies, CEO, Close Brothers Asset Finance.

SME owners: lack of majority government hindering Brexit negotiations

Three quarters (76%) of UK SMEs feel that the absence of a majority government is likely to negatively impact the UK's ability to successfully negotiate our exit from the European Union - but they wouldn't want another election any time soon. The results were obtained from the Close Brothers Business Barometer, a quarterly survey that questions over 900 UK and RoI SME owners and senior management across a range of sectors and regions.

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Who knows what tomorrow brings?

Brexit, landlords and Scale-Up. Some of the burning topics being highlighted to dozens of business leaders at the latest business breakfast clubs being held by the South Coast office of Smith & Williamson, the accountancy, investment management and tax group.

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Poor UK broadband speeds are blocking eCommerce growth

Britain's eCommerce industry is battling a disappointing connectivity infrastructure, and it could be holding retailers back For a nation of online shoppers, the UK is letting eCommerce down by not providing the required infrastructure to boost growth and increase developments in the industry. That's according to Andy Burton, CEO of eCommerce systems integrator Tryzens, who says that retailers could soon be hitting a complete blockage in supporting the changing ways consumers shop today with advanced technology.

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Frances Miles and Tracey Wood, director

Drop in students seeking holiday work rings alarm bells with Jobshop UK

Bournemouth based independent recruitment specialists, Jobshop UK are asking, "where have all the students gone?" With increased financial pressures on students to fund their own courses, and with a reduction in student grants overall, Jobshop UK directors, Tracey Wood and Frances Miles are encouraging students to seek holiday employment to top up their funds and gain valuable workplace experience.

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From left: senior investment director Steve Hart from sponsors Investec, DCCI president Vincent Boni, DCCI chief executive Ian Girling, senior investment director Rob Jones from Investec, Investec divisional director Scott Jones, and BCC director general.

Rallying cry for Dorset businesses

Brexit and local economic growth were among the issues in the spotlight when one of the country's top business leaders visited Dorset. British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) director general Dr Adam Marshall also urged 'dynamic' Dorset businesses to fight their corner and seize opportunities despite any political uncertainty.

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Stay in single market and a customs union until final EU deal is in force - CBI proposal

Stay in single market and a customs union until final EU deal is in force - CBI proposal

UK needs a bridge to a new deal to reduce uncertainty and protect jobs Negotiators on both sides of the UK-EU talks should aim to agree transitional arrangements as soon as possible. A limited period of transition, beginning when the Article 50 process ends, would provide firms with continuity and certainty, protecting jobs and trade flows. This is why the CBI is proposing that the UK seeks to stay inside the EU single market and a customs union until a final deal is in force.

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Matt Horan with a drone

Cyber attackers can hijack drones

A leading cyber-security expert has warned about the increasing dangers of hackers taking control of drones in mid-flight. Matt Horan of C3IA Solutions, the Dorset-based cyber-security company, said it is just one of the latest threats in the cyber-sphere. There are 200,000 commercial drones - or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) - sold every month worldwide, so there are increasing opportunities for them to be hacked.

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David Picton, Chief Sustainability Officer at Carillion.

Construction firms urged to help the South West's homeless get back in to work

The RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) is calling on construction firms in the South West to help tackle the skills shortage in the industry by helping some of their community's most vulnerable people get back into work.

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Steve Moir Chairman of Property Sharing Experts

Election 2017 - positive outcome for the property market

By Steve Moir, chairman of the Experts in Property While the result of the General Election wasn't as anyone expected, it could have unintended positive outcomes for the housing market. A government with a large majority and no effective opposition would not have been in the nation's interest. The result means that greater agreement between parties and less extreme policies are likely to be the order of the day.

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Simon Boyd signs letter to Theresa May surrounded by those going to 650 MPs urging them to stay strong over Brexit

Businessman urges MPs to stay strong on Brexit

A concerned managing director whose Dorset company has done business in more than 140 countries has personally written to every single MP in the UK to urge a clean break from the European Union.

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Professor Nada Kakabadse, Henley Business School.

Hard Brexit threatens UK collapse

Following the Conservative's General Election win, Treasury figures warning that a hard BREXIT could cost up to £66bn are just the tip of the iceberg, says Professor Nada Kakabadse, Head of Marketing and Reputation at Henley Business School.

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CBI comments on General Election 2017 results

Carolyn Fairbairn, CBI Director-General, said: "This is a serious moment for the UK economy. The priority must be for politicians to get their house in order and form a functioning government, reassure the markets and protect our resilient economy.

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